At a New Year's Eve event, nzwireless let organisers put the stamp pad away by providing the wireless infrastructure for RFID tickets for revellers, spread across two venues, 4 kilometres apart. nzwireless also provided free public WiFi hotspots for participants.

When the Scottish Rugby Union wanted its Rugby World Cup squad to perform by video link back to its sponsors recently, it turned to nzwireless to provide the technology and the necessary bandwidth to send a good quality video signal to the other side of the earth.

Scotland didn't go on to win the Rugby World Cup but it surely impressed the sponsors by looking great on their screens back home.

Other sports teams, such as Team New Zealand and Oracle, have come to nzwireless to send data around the country and overseas, where traditional media delivery methods couldn’t match our reliability and access to fast bandwidth.

Greenpeace has also made use of the convenience and comparative low cost whilst hosting outdoor events in Auckland’s CBD.

Whether it's sending data or streaming video we have the expertise and resources to deliver the best connectivity for your event.